Why You Should Consider Entrepreneurship

You may find it significantly challenging to interact with someone that does not complain about their job to some extent. Maybe they dislike their boss, do not find enjoyment with their tasking, or perhaps the reality of doing the same mundane work until retirement is downright mentally draining. Society has an ingrained mindset since childhood […]

4 Ways to Develop a Strong Sense of Self

“Stop acting so small,you are the universe in ecstatic motion.”-Rumi There is often a question we all are trying to crack and it’s this, “how do we overcome self-doubt?” Having a sense of self can seem quite impossible adventure to reach at time. On the contrary is a lifelong project to figure out who you […]

How To Fight Depression During COVID-19

So, you feel depressed…maybe a sprinkle of hopelessness, and a dash of misery. You are notalone . Especially in these quarantine times, it is easy to slide down that slope more often thannot. Fair warning: I am not a professional, and everything following this sentence will befrom personal experience, only . So please, feel free […]

How Millennials Can Take Advantage of The Current Financial Market

As millennials, we were brought up to follow the typical career path. That means we go to school, get a good job, and then eventually retire from that position someday. Even if it makes you a decent living, you will find it hard to come across a millennial who absolutely loves their 9 to 5 […]

Becoming an Author and Writing Your Own Story

Have you had a lifelong dream of becoming an author and writing your very own award-winning book that helped inspire the world? Becoming an author and writing a story, both fiction or nonfiction, is quite a remarkable achievement. You were able to take your ideas and lay them out in a well-formulated series of sentences […]

4 Steps on how to be more Self Caring and Self-Loving

“Find the love you seek, by first finding the love within yourself.Learn to rest in that place within you that is your true home.”~Sri Ravi ShankarHaving a great relationship with yourself is arguably one of the most important one you’ll ever have. When you begin your day, throughout the day, and at the end will […]