About Victor C Samuel

Victor C Samuel was born in Nigeria. At the age of 4 he lost his mother, although he was too young to understand death, he knew he would never see her again, and at the age of 11 he lost his childhood best friend to a terminal illness (unknown cause). A year later, he moved to the United States with his three older siblings to reunite with their father after 12 years of living apart. When they moved to the United States, they landed in Georgia, which is where his family currently resides. Victor lived in Georgia for 8 years before relocating alone to New York, not knowing how he would survive, but he believed that he was taking a leap of faith and he was willing to embark on this journey. In 2015 he joined the United States Air Force where he has had the opportunity to serve one of the greatest nations on the planet. In 2019 he published my first book Lost Brothers, the same year he was battling with suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety, he almost took my life while he was deployed. Thereafter, he was blessed with the vision and mission to start his own clothing company, Vellion. Now, he is on a mission to work with organizations and individuals who need a creative visionary to help them rediscover their mission and purpose whether in the workplace or in their individual lives.

Growing up Victor C Samuel struggled a lot with his identity and the need to find courage and confidence. His inspiration was geared towards finding clarity for himself, to understand from the outside looking in how to better deal with those insecurities as he continued to explore his unique individuality. Creativity have been an outlet for his to do so efficiently and effectively.

My message for the readers is to inspire them and encourage them, to know that whatever challenges you are facing today, right here, right now, that you have the power to overcome it. To find the courage to step out with confidence and embrace your unique individuality and to never apologize for who you are.

First off, I would say young adults, specifically high school students, that have experienced the same challenges as myself such as relocating from another country, or a different cultural background and or dealing with any sort of identity crisis. And those who have been bullied or picked on, because it would help them find the strength and confidence to overcome their challenges.
⦁ Second, I would say teachers can read this book because they can impact their student’s lives in such a monumental way by providing knowledge and experience from the book that can help their students overcome any hurdles.
⦁ Last but not least, I would say counselors, youth leaders, pastors, mentors, social workers and individuals who deal with young adults can read this book as well because it would help them provide helpful solutions by using examples from the book that the youths can relate to and learn from.

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