Have you had a lifelong dream of becoming an author and writing your very own award-winning book that helped inspire the world? Becoming an author and writing a story, both fiction or nonfiction, is quite a remarkable achievement. You were able to take your ideas and lay them out in a well-formulated series of sentences that flow together effortlessly, allowing your readers to become fully absorbed in your narrative. However, getting to that successful point in the process takes a lot of dedication, passion, persistence, and taking control of your own life first.

Transforming into An Author
In reality, anyone can write a story, throw it up on Amazon, and make a couple of dollars from it. But to be an actual, professional author with your novels reflecting precisely who you are as a person without outside influences, that is where the art comes from. To become an author, you need to work on yourself in several ways before you think about diving into your computer screen typing.
You need to practice discipline and patience because book writing is not going to be an easy task.

Work on your vocabulary. Study new unique words each day and practice them in real-life settings.

Learn to convey messages, both written and verbally, with smoothness and clarity.

Go into every part of your life with an open mind and be willing to change, as long as it is not hurting you or others.

Be aware of everything around you, and take it as inspiration. Pay attention to those details and let them jumble around in your head to come up with wonderful ideas.

Above all, take time to dig deep into your reasoning for writing a book. Think about why you are passionate about it and what the message is that you want to portray. Once you understand the role you want to fulfill, do not let others take over your mission so your story can be yours and yours only. Remember, help and consulting are good, but not if it hurts your end goal.

How to write your Own Story
Once you have manifested into becoming a fostering author, the next thing you will need to do is get the process started with writing your own story, either fiction on fiction. Though fiction allows for more wiggle room for creativity, both types involve immense planning and structure. Things you will need to do to begin writing include:
Pick your genre
Think about who will be reading your story
Organize the layout and make an outline
Develop your plot and characters (if fiction)
Write the first draft, and then keep tweaking/rewriting until it looks perfect
Have it professionally edited to for fine-tune grooming
Write your book biography

Though these tasks seem straightforward, there will be a lot of blood sweat and tears involved in the process, which is why you need to make sure you work on yourself first so you can follow through with the task and come out on top.


When it comes to learning how to become a writer and publishing your own book, one of the most challenging things that you will face is taking charge and narrating the text exactly how you want to. The best way to do that is to take charge of your own life so you can reflect that power within your writing. Follow the tips above so you can create a robust and solid foundation for yourself that will become the catalyst for an outstanding, one of a kind book that you can be proud of.

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